"In a world where we could all use more courage and compassion, Michael Collopy’s latest book hit the shelves at just the right time. Each person featured in this extraordinary work of art tells a story of exemplary courage. Michael’s breathtaking portraits capture the essence and light of each visionary leader. Prepare to be inspired, engaged and re-energized as you embark on your own courageous journey."

Antonia Ehlers, San Francisco Press Club

"Michael Collopy’s stunning achievement in his third book aptly titled 'Courage' is a timely and timeless meditation and reflection on a question that all humankind should contemplate - how do we as individuals and as a collective define courage. In paired quotes and portraits of notable persons spanning a vast spectrum of human experiences, Collopy builds a foundation and provides a launchpad for our individual and collective consciousness to deeply consider acts of bravery and courage that transcend time."

Karen and Tom Mulvaney

"Stunning collection of beautiful portraits of Nobel peace winners, world leaders as well as other courageous people who seek to bring goodness to the world. It is a very timely mix of powerful portraits and inspiring quotes."

Estela Zaldivar